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Marene K. Downs made her Great Escape From The Womb in Jacksonville, Florida, to a Navy pilot and Kindergarten teacher.
Swapping residences throughout her young existence, including Bermuda, Maryland, Hawai'i and Connecticut, she quickly learned to …well…learn quickly !
Marene has been drawing and painting since that Great Escape, studying artists that intrigued her including Egon Shiele, Picasso, and the Highway Men, just to name a few. ( Seriously, there are way too many to mention!)
Self-taught , she thirsts for knowledge, experimenting and practicing to improve her art. Combine this with an innate adoration of the Ocean and the Hawai'ian Islands ( which she was taken away from kicking and screaming…literally ), Marene brings those passions to her creations.

" Let the Beauty of what you Love be what you Do " - Rumi.

This affirmation streaks through all her pieces in the bold color choices, strong brush strokes and subject matter…the most vital to our existence - the Ocean.
Marene's journey to this place, where you find yourself at this very moment has been tumultuous at best . Her road has not just been bumpy, but at times nonexistent. That's a very long story, so if you want to know the gory and glorious details, just ask her…..she's really kind of cool that way!
What you should know is that Marene's painting is her passion and sharing that is her pleasure. To bring those precious moments, memories, and feelings of an incredible moment that makes you forget the mundane, the struggle to meet ends, the responsibilities of Life is her joy. Seeing her art as you walk out the door to work, hopefully you etch those images in your mind to carry you through your day, a brilliant reminder that this Life, YOUR life is so much more than the quest for that next paycheck, or power, or more things. The power dwells within us, all of us, to be more alive, passionate and aware of those precious memories that, even momentarily take our breath away and restore the deep vibrancy of our souls….to be better humans. To live fully present with all you do; your children, friends, family and Tribe members and the experiences they all bring to your Lifetime.
Lofty goals for sure, but YAH, wouldn't that be Something; to bring the best of us to everyone and everything we encounter daily…to make our Living Spectacular!
Palms together, Head Bowed with Gratitude for spending some of your time here with Marene Originals !!
Marene Originals

MO Gear!

Hand Painted T-Shirts, Hats, and Shoes

MO Gear is Wearable Art!

MO Gear is custom, original art painted on hats, shoes, and t-shirts.
Contact Marene to discuss YOUR next custom, one of a kind piece of MO Gear!


Hats $35-$60

Tees $30-$65

Shoes $55-$160


Prices Include USA Shipping

Marene Originals Hats Shoes Shirts - MO Gear

Upcoming Events

MASS District Art Walk

Last Saturday of Each Month
6:00-10:00 pm
807 NE 4th Ave
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Sailboat Bend Holiday Fest

11:00 am - 5 pm

December 10th 2016

401 SW 4th Ave

Fort Lauderdale, FL

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ALR Music Fest

With Molly Hatchet and Georgia Satellites

February 18, 2017

Marathon Key, FL

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